Friday, September 19, 2014

Homeschool Happenings: Week 9

This week? Yeah. C-R-A-Z-Y! I have no pictures unless you’re interested in the massive hives Seth developed.

Monday: Normal morning, the last such of the week. While changing Seth’s diaper after lunch, I found hives the size of my hand on each thigh and a rash on his torso. I ran him around the neighborhood, gathering opinions, scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician, and had PJ come home to help with the other kids. By the time we headed out, the hives were gone, as is par for the course with Seth’s medical issues. He was diagnosed with a viral rash, unknown cause of hives, and a diaper rash infection. We ended the day with a Fall Festival party at the seminary. According to Emma: “I. LOVED. THAT.PARTY!” I was all about the free dinner that I didn’t cook.

Oh, I do have a picture. This is Seth on Benadryl, running around saying “quack quack”. The glasses are completely his doing.

Tuesday: a fairly normal school day. PJ left for Washington, D.C. to take a class at Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Overall, the day went well.

Wednesday: I woke up exhausted after less than two hours of sleep, though all the kids slept perfectly. I knew there was no way I could teach school, so I priced our yard sale items, made a grocery list, and got lesson plans ready for next week. We headed to church that evening for our first night of choir. I think it will be a great experience for the kids!

Thursday: School in the morning, grocery store in the afternoon. Crazy kids, so everyone went to their rooms with quiet activities pretty early. Sweet friends brought brownies and adult conversation.

Friday: We finished our school week with language arts in the morning. After an early lunch, we headed to a jump house in Raleigh. Best Groupon I’ve bought—three hours of all the kids being crazy active in a way that didn’t stress me out while hanging out with a friend. Not too bad! Multiple meltdowns when we got home, so it’s another early night while I regroup for tomorrow.

The weekend: yard sale, pool party, church, and small group. Here we go.

I’m at the end of the post and realized I said almost nothing about homeschool. We did it. The end.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Treats: 9-16-14

Happy Tuesday!

  • I read Jennie Allen’s Restless this summer and enjoyed it so much. Here’s an excerpt at A Holy Experience:  “We are filled with God to pour Him into the darkness. Pour Him into the broken souls who are starving for something.We are: built by God, rescued by God, filled with God, pleasing to God. May we never get over it.”

Well, that’s the only link I saved to share this week. I’m trying to drastically cut my facebook time, so I’m not coming across as many articles as I usually read. Instead, I’m going to share my current reading list. I’m on a bit of a book binge right now, gathering books in an ever-growing nightstand stack or in my Kindle menu. I love books.
  • An Infinite Journey: Written by FBC Durham’s pastor, Andy Davis, this book is incredibly helpful for growing in sanctification. It seems long, but I read it a chapter at a time and it was very manageable.
  • Women of the Word: I read this in preparation for my ladies’ Bible study on Philippians this fall. It was by far the best instruction I’ve ever received in how to study the Bible. I’m looking forward to applying it to my studies.
  • Fiction, not chick-lit: I’m giving Tolkien a third try. I have started The Hobbit twice before but never made it past the first three pages. I’m halfway through now, with real intentions to read the trilogy.
  • Of no intellectual value, but fun: I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book, soon to be followed by Revenge Wears Prada and Shopaholic to the Stars.
  • Written by sisters: I was able to snag A Million Little Ways and The Nesting Place on Kindle sales last week! These have been on my to-read list for awhile.

I also have a growing Amazon wishlist of books set aside for my birthday. Like I said, I love books.

Have any great reads to share with me? Leave a comment!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Texas, the Lone Star State

This past week, one of my kids was having a pretty rough day. As a consequence for some poor choices, the child was to be copying verses on self-control. After sitting at the table for awhile, said child called me over. “Um. I was supposed to be writing my self-control verses but I did this instead.”

“This” was etching designs into our wood dining table. While assigned to write about self-control. Ironic, right?

I sent my little artist upstairs to prevent my mouth from unleashing all the thoughts in my head.

I grumpily returned to cooking dinner, where I was reminded of something from my own childhood that had a nice, humbling effect: I had etched “TEXAS THE LONE STAR STATE” in inch-tall letters into the lid of our piano when I was young. Yep, I did that.

Who etches their state’s nickname into a piano?? Of all the things to write! I guess my parents can be confident that they raised a proud little Texan. I do currently own a Texas Home T shirt.

I don’t remember getting in trouble for this artistic expression, though I do remember that I knew it was so, so dumb and spent the next few hours spazzing out over my own stupidity. My mom says she doesn’t remember it at all, but I know she knew about it at the time. Thankful for grace and kid-induced amnesia.

For a few days before this art exhibit, the Lord had been speaking so clearly to my heart about our dining table, of all things. It is quickly getting torn up by kids who like to pick everything to shreds, but He wants me to see it as the place where I am to pour out love and service for my family, not where I put my (non-existent) decorating skills on display. It’s not an exquisite piece of furniture to be maintained at museum quality—we bought it used from neighbors going overseas. It is, however, the place where our family will spend many hours, and I want it to be the place where they remember enjoying meals and reading aloud. I want to gather around it in remembrance of Christ—what He did for us and how He invites us to His table as beloved family members.

So now, our table is a little more decorated. May I see those drawings as encouragement to live our family’s story around this table, always pointing to the One who invites us to come and be part of the one good story.