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Adopted by the King

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Homeschool Q&A

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And now…frequently asked questions!

Don’t you need a break from the kids?

Enhanced mental sanity is the single biggest temptation I face to send my kids off to school, along with the prospect of a real nap! But I really believe that homeschooling is best for our family at this point in time. The Lord uses all the challenges of homeschooling to sanctify me and bring me closer to Him. I have absolute faith that our family will be better off in spite of any sacrifices or challenges that homeschooling brings. Also, my husband is awesome at giving me breaks, which are needed quite often these days!

How long are you planning to homeschool?

Until it’s not best for our family.

How do you expect to socialize your kids? You don’t want your kids to be weird…do you?

Our kids are already weird. Sorry. True statement. I have a great post-adoption blog involving my kids, shiny objects, and high voltage fences. Seriously, though…they learn to interact with the world by practicing social skills within the safety of the family. We go to church. We play with friends. We go out in public when I am feeling particularly brave.

A fantastic point I picked up from The Well-Trained Mind (source of all things homeschooling/classical education) is that socializing kids almost exclusively with their same-age peers (as happens in traditional schooling) does not actually prepare them for real life. Once high school graduation happens, kids are suddenly expected to socialize with people of all ages and backgrounds in the context of higher education, business, and adult responsibilities. Why not start early on training our kids to interact with all ages in a variety of everyday settings?

Also, picking up most social cues from the just-as-confused peers…not always a stellar social education

What has been the hardest thing about homeschooling?

At this time, Boy is at home while Girl is in public school. This means we’re making all the sacrifices that come with two types of school, which leaves little time to enjoy the benefits of either! Our day is dictated by Girl’s schedule: getting up very early, rushed morning, Baby’s nap has to end by a certain time, spending an hour picking Girl up, filling our afternoon with homework and prep for the next day, and going to bed so early! And in between all of those time demands…homeschool, housework, and CPS requirements. My schedule is exhausting right now, but I’m looking forward to that changing soon.

During our hard times, it is extremely difficult to teach Boy. There are days when his behavior is so difficult to manage that I cannot teach him. There are some days when teaching him absolutely wears me out. It can be really difficult to persevere instead of running for my closet with a bag of candy and Netflix. But committing to teaching him at home means I actually have to teach him at home.

What has been easier than you expected?

I had no idea how many resources exist for homeschoolers! I didn’t know that you can buy curriculum that has each day laid out in an easy-to-teach format. Setting up a school at home has been much easier than I expected. A few minutes on Amazon, and all I need to teach my kids will show up at my doorstep. Our library is a fantastic resource as well.

Feel more informed? Still have burning, unanswered questions? Let me know!

Katie King

Katie King