Adopted by the King
Adopted by the King

We love because he first loved us.

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June, as it really was

Katie King Katie King

Pictures from June 2011.

We took pictures for Father's Day gifts.

Kids 00157

We went to a Texas Rangers game.

June 059

We made cakes! That is chocolate…

June 007

Water fun…

June 072

June 073

summer fun 018

Ahh, bedtime in June...

June 068

You see, Harley went through about three weeks of not going to sleep before 3 a.m. It wasn’t med related. He wasn’t sleepwalking. But he didn’t sleep. And neither did we, at a time when sleep was so desperately needed. We tried everything we could think of, including propping this sign outside his door as a reminder to go back to bed. After hours of pounding on our door and being escorted back to bed, we would find him like this:

June 069

Why is there toilet paper in the bed? Why is he sideways? Seeing these pictures brings back waves of that utter, soul-crushing exhaustion. But so much more than that, I’m overwhelmingly grateful for how far we’ve come. We now all sleep through every night!

And now, I leave you with an amusing picture, straight from Rednecks-R-Us.

summer fun 016

Katie King

Katie King