Adopted by the King
Adopted by the King

We love because he first loved us.

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Katie King Katie King

In His infinite wisdom, the Lord saw fit to give us three extremely extroverted children. They love to talk. All the time. Without ceasing. They will even talk to themselves if the room is empty.

I, on the other hand, am the classic introvert. Words wear me out. Seriously. Just. Stop. Talking. To. Me. Thanks.

So. I am (gladly!) home with all three kids every day. Homeschooling requires a lot of interesting talking and interacting, but there comes a point in my day when I reach my word limit. I really feel like my brain will explode if I have to listen to one more sentence. A minimum one-hour silent rest time is a crucial part of our day and enables me to tackle the afternoon and listen to the word parade until bedtime.

I really do love my kids and want to hear what is on their hearts and minds. But I also can’t really handle a constant noise barrage.

Because my husband is awesome, he came up with an idea to help filter the chatter in our home.

This child-size cardboard stand-up resides in our living room. Doesn’t he just look like he wants to listen to you?? So wise and calm.

Yoda’s job is to listen to the kids when they just need to say lots of words. Basically, our guideline is: if you have something to say specifically to Mom or Dad, please come to us. If it can be said to just anybody, go tell Yoda. Noisy days in our home contain lots of repetitions of, “go tell Yoda!”

The older two were pretty skeptical at first until we required them to go talk to Yoda. Then Yoda got an earful. Thankfully his ears are quite large and hold lots words. A typical conversation with Yoda may go like this:

Yoda! Today’s Friday! I have on a green shirt! I played chess with Daddy! Did you see, Yoda? I’m going to watch a movie! What movie should I watch? I like so many. Hmm, which one should I pick? This one? No, not that one. Hey, listen to this! *loud humming*

No lie. But the amazing thing is that when I overhear words directed at Yoda I don’t feel exhausted when the conversation is over.

Emma has gotten in on the action, too. I just pulled Yoda out of hiding while writing this post and she shrieked, “YODA!” upon seeing him. She immediately started chatting away. “Hey Yoda! I’m eating fish for dinner.”

Yoda has become a cherished, if not odd, member of the family. He provides me with much needed sanity. My ears and internal-processing brain love this green, grammar-challenged little thing.

Katie King

Katie King