Adopted by the King
Adopted by the King

We love because he first loved us.

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Life on the Inside

Katie King Katie King
  1. Life on the Inside
  2. Where We're At
  3. Different Dreams
  4. Special Needs, You Say?
  5. Let's Define "Special Needs"
  6. Being Married through it All
  7. Remember This and Stand Firm
  8. We're Not Alone
  9. Continuing the Conversation

Series Introduction

"Life on the Inside" is a series that gives a glimpse into the ups and downs of our family's daily life. I feel that in recent months, the Lord has given me a bit of clarity about where we're at. Some revelations were glaringly obvious to everyone but me (e.g., "I have special needs kids"). Meanwhile, I've also grown to know the Lord and His character more. I've become increasingly burdened to write all this down, and to share it with y'all if you want to read it!

I ask you to read this series with a discerning attitude that is quick to listen and slow to speak; many of these issues are complicated and cannot be fully understood even while living them. If I know one thing about being an adoptive parent to special needs kids, it's that I don't know a lot. We're learning and growing all the time and will never figure it all out. We're not perfect parents to our kids, but by the grace of God we are faithfully pouring into them. If you like what I write, I'm so glad. If you don't like what I write, know that this is only one person's experience, and go read something more enjoyable! I have disabled comments for this series, as we have all seen comment threads on difficult topics degrade into an unrecognizable, off-topic rant-fest. That doesn't mean we want to shut you all out, just that we don't want this to turn into a great big internet mess. If you have questions, we'd love to hear from you by email.

I've had this series floating around my brain for months now, but it has been tough to write. On the one hand, I am so blessed by the posts I read from other adoptive families that are honest about reality—both what's good and what's hard, so I hope that these posts will bless those who read. On the other hand, this stuff is deeply personal; it's always hard for me to share the story of our life when I wish that it looked differently. So... deep breath... come along with me.

Katie King

Katie King