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Adopted by the King

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Egg-Laying Bunnies and Other Dilemmas

Katie King Katie King

Hey there. It’s Holy Week. Or should I say unpack boxes/stand in line at government agencies/spend so much money/run all the errands week?

I am so spiritually adrift right now. I’m reeling with unexpectedly intense grief over leaving North Carolina. My to-do list is dozens of items long, and all those to-dos are loud and crowded in my brain. We haven’t done family devotions since mid-February, when I was just so tired of fighting back tears as my children continue to reject the lover of their souls with all number of difficult behaviors. (More on this topic soon, I hope.) We’re at a new church every Sunday. My quiet times have been, uh, sporadic.

But Easter is coming! Easter baskets. Egg hunts. Easter dinner. I’m so behind.

While the little two spent the day at Mother’s Day Out (woot woot!), the big kids and I tackled the list of errands. I went to Target, browsed the Easter stuff, and picked up some snacks and outdoor toys for Easter baskets. With the kids’ diet restrictions, finding candy is a bit tricky, so I went to the dollar store to try to find stickers and other trinkets to put in eggs. As the glass doors slid open, we were accosted by rows of every cheap pastel item known to man.

“Now THIS is what I call an Easter store! Finally!” said one of the kids.

And then? I was just done. Easter? This isn’t Easter. This is pastel-colored stuff. A wave of nausea came over me, and I turned around and led the kids back out of the store.

This led to a foot-stomping fit from my other child. “If you don’t buy this stuff, we won’t have anything to celebrate at Easter!”

Oh, my dear child. Nothing to celebrate? We have everything to celebrate. We have Jesus. He is alive! He is risen!

Honestly, I was so thankful for this look into my children’s hearts. And into my own. Aren’t we all lured by bright colors and new items and sugary treats? Just today, I bought new shoes simply because they were pretty (and on sale…). And while there isn’t anything wrong with those things, they have a tendency to crowd out the One we are to celebrate. So I just don’t want them right now. Or more accurately, I don’t want to want these things, and I need to back away.

This weekend, I just want to dwell deep with Jesus. I want to sit long around our family’s tables, enjoying the precious, generous people who walk though this crazy life with us. I want to sing praise to Him and read the sacred words that tell of our Savior and hear the sweet gospel message. I want to know Him and make Him known, including in the ways we celebrate. And at least for right now, that means backing off on the cultural celebrations and sticking to simple things.

About baskets and egg hunts and candy and clothes…I want you to hear that I’m so not condemning these things. I actually think egg hunts are a blast! (Though I’ve always been confused about a bunny that leaves eggs. Anyway.) I think all these things can be fun springtime activities. For our family, though, they need to not be a part of Easter. From Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, we want to keep Holy Week, well, holy. And seriously? Don’t read too much into this. There’s no “Though shall not hunt for eggs or consume giant chocolate rabbits on Easter Sunday” commandment. Seek Him. Make choices about your celebrations that honor Christ—whatever that looks like for your family. Celebrate in a way that draws your heart to Him, not in a way that someone else said to celebrate.

May you have a truly happy Easter, celebrating our resurrected Savior and all the good gifts He gives!

Katie King

Katie King