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Adopted by the King

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Let It Go: Doing It All

Katie King Katie King

Even after being a Christian for over a decade, I still have a tendency to be an over-achiever, a perfectionist. By the grace of God, I no longer find my identity in being the best of the best, as I once did. However, one glance at Facebook or my blog feed and the familiar temptations creep in. “You can do more. You can do better.”

When I make a to-do list for life in my head, it looks something like this:

Loving my husband well.

Supporting his ministry and small-business dreams.

Caring for special needs kids.

Keeping a clean, beautiful house.

Cooking delicious meals—whole foods only, of course.

Resurrecting my piano-playing skills of my teenage years.

Fighting human trafficking.

Pro-life work.

Being an RN.

Homeschooling my kids.

Prison ministry.

Bible study and scripture memory.

Supporting the persecuted church.

Blogging, and maybe writing a book some day.

Keeping old friendships and making new ones.

Running a half marathon. (Not a full, because I’m not crazy.)

Reading a book per week.

Um, I’m exhausted just reading that list. The problem is, I would love to do all the things on this list, and do them all with excellence. But I can’t. Someone recently shared a post with me that addresses this very issue: I Am Not An Airplane.

When I look at my to-do list from God, it’s a lot shorter than my own:

Love the Lord your God, and worship Him only.

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Whoa. Now to figure out what that looks like day-to-day, month-to-month, and year-to-year.

In the last “Let It Go” post, I’ll share what I haven’t let go and why those things are particularly important to me.

How about you? Do you make unreasonable to-do lists for life? Do you stay as far away from to-do lists as possible?

Katie King

Katie King