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Making It As A Mom: Todoist

Does anyone suffer from mom brain? Enter Todoist! It's the to-do list app that I use for everything.

Katie King Katie King

This is a post for 31 Days about making it as a mom. Check out the intro post if this is your first time here!

Ok, y'all, this is the post in which my OCD-esque tendencies come out in full force. I'm sorry, in advance.

Does anyone suffer from mom brain? My brain is full, my memory is shot, and if I don't write something down, it will not get done. I frequently mutter to myself, "I used to be smart," as we leave the house late and without the diaper bag. Between an infant, a preschooler, and kids in three different school systems, I know that I am in over my head as far as keeping track of all the things.

Enter Todoist! It's the to-do list app that I use for everything. I have it on my phone, laptop, and iPad, so I'm never far from my list that keeps me on track.


My Todoist has lists for everything I want to remember: parenting books to read, blogging ideas, a list of needed home repairs, and reminders to change air filters, order birthday presents, and email friends. I have reminders to read the Bible and pray. Everything.

My husband and I have linked accounts, so we can assign each other projects. Just yesterday, I added reading chapter of an adoption book to his list, and he reminded me to schedule extra babysitters during his upcoming business trip. Romantic, yes? Whatever works.

If your life needs a little organization or your brain needs a break, check out Todoist. It's available in the App Store, for Chrome, and for Android.

(I've also tried Wunderlist, but it did not meet my particular specifications like keeping track of things I wanted to do daily.)

How do you keep track of all the things? Let me know below or on Facebook!

Katie King

Katie King