Adopted by the King
Adopted by the King

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Katie King Katie King

If you read this post, you know that I was less than thrilled about moving back to Texas for the summer. Well, I’m happy to report that we are all doing very well.

Our flight over went very smoothly. Two words: GATE PASS. These magical pieces of paper allow a non-flyer to accompany their family to the gate. PJ got to stay with us until we boarded in Raleigh, and his dad met us at the gate in Austin, complete with a stroller for a screaming Emma. My sister had also arranged a “meet and assist” cart in Atlanta, which drove us through the long terminal where I am quite sure we would have had 5+ meltdowns if we had to walk. We must have been quite a sight! I had a baby strapped to my chest, a breast pump backpack, a carry-on dangling from each arm, and a child leash in each hand. Harley struggled behind us, hauling two heavy bags. Also, Emma ate gum from under an airport seat. (And we’ve been passing around a nasty cold ever since…) But we made it! And PJ is flying back with us in August.

Here’s how we’re doing:

PJ: He’s been hard at work! He was able to finish the work he planned to do and is taking a class all this week. He’ll join us in Texas this weekend.

Katie: I am so much more rested and relaxed! I get several good naps per week, and my mom helps with Seth at night. I’ve had time to exercise and enjoy time in the Word. And man, my mom and I have laughed. The kids are still overwhelmingly crazy at some point each day, and all we can do is laugh. I’ve gotten good time with sweet friends in Fort Worth and sisters in College Station. I’m looking forward to spending a few days with PJ at the Send North America conference.

Harley: Has been a little jet-setter! He’s spent a week in New Mexico with PJ’s parents and is now with them in Colorado. We’re seeing some really encouraging changes in him. He came home from New Mexico professing faith in Christ—please pray for God to truly transform his life!

Brooklyn: Also went to New Mexico and got to enjoy a week with the grandparents. She’s having a lot of fun at my mom’s house.

Emma: Having fun like a champ and enjoying all the yummy food at GrandMary’s house.

Seth: Growing and changing like crazy. He is a happy, joyful, fun little guy!

I think one of the best parts about being in Texas for more than a weekend is having our family see what home life is really like for us. The kids are totally comfortable here and act as they do at home, which is really enlightening for our family. My mom has said several times, “this really is a full-time job for two adults!” Yep. That’s why we came. They really are that high-maintenance. We’re working hard to continue training them in “making good choices”!

We’re looking forward to the rest of our time here and a smoother time back in North Carolina!

Katie King

Katie King