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Adopted by the King

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Homeschool Happenings: Part 2

Katie King Katie King

This week felt like a repeat of last week! Again, it flew by, leaving me looking towards our busy weekend and the start of another week.

Tuesday: It snowed on Tuesday night again! Also, Seth’s skin growth opened again and bled, resulting in a long evening of wrestling a squirmy baby while trying to hold pressure on his face. Thankfully, it stopped and PJ and I were able to enjoy an at-home date: Sherlock(!), Chinese take-out, and ice cream.

Wednesday: Lots of snow to enjoy! We went out first thing in the morning…and were back inside within 15 minutes. It is coooold here!

Thursday: Was a rough day, again. I think some child was having a major meltdown at every moment of the day. Thankful to see this one end, and thankful for new mercies each day. Also, Seth had a loooong bleeding incident that started just as I was ready to call it an early night and crawl into bed. PJ was super dad, holding him for over two hours.

Friday: We were at the doctor bright and early looking for answers about this crazy bleeding thing! Thankfully, we have an appointment with a specialist at Duke on Monday to deal with what is (probably) a hemangioma. Y’all can pray that Seth leaves it alone until then, as his favorite activity right now is picking his nose.

We did actually do (almost) a full week of school in spite of a bleeding baby, a tired mama, and cold, snowy weather! We didn’t take any “snow days” this week because I’d rather finish school and enjoy “summer days”!

Emma learned “O” this week. She made o’s out of yarn, and we read about oceans, octopus, and owls. Emma’s school got a bit squished out this week. On to letter “P”!

With the big kids, we finished our history text book after…20 months! We’ll just call that “perseverance”. It was exciting, and I’m looking forward to dive into the next level. When we did a big picture review, though, it seemed as though the kids had learned…exactly nothing. Sigh. Galatians 6:9! And if any of y’all have good ideas for incorporating review time into history lessons, particularly Story of the World, let me know! Until then, the Native Americans walked the Trail of Tears to China.

We ended our history study of the Gold Rush by building a miner’s camp and eating beef jerky! Vernon also drew a great scene depicting the Gold Rush.

We’re looking forward to spending time with a few friends this weekend and (hopefully!) getting a bit of rest.

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Katie King

Katie King