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Adopted by the King

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Homeschool Happenings: A Rough Week With Redemptive Grace

Katie King Katie King

This week? I blinked, and it’s Saturday morning. It was full of events, and one kiddo is needing literally hours of one-on-one intervention each day.

Monday: I hastily threw together some Presidents’ Day activities and got the week’s lessons ready. I was planning to go to a book study that evening, but the stomach bug I had over the weekend decided to stick around and flare up in the afternoon. I fell asleep shortly after 8!

Tuesday: We had some beautiful weather! Only days after a major snowstorm, we were outside in the sunshine without coats. I’m finishing up reading and discussing Fit to Burst with a friend—we started it last spring!—and only have one more time to meet until we finish the book!

Wednesday: Beautiful weather again. We went for a walk at lunchtime, and then I spent the rest of the afternoon focused on getting everyone fed and out the door by 5:30 to head to Durham for a church meeting. Late night for all.

Thursday: A school day, and a kid-with-overwhelming-needs day. Thankful for grace. We went to an elementary story/craft time at the library where the kids got to make polar bears and penguins. Came home with 52 books. Such is the homeschool life!

Friday: Started with an 8 a.m. dentist appointment for the oldest three. We spent the rest of the day wrapping up the school week and cleaning the house. Yikes. It was to the point that when PJ and I came downstairs on Friday morning, we said, “Wow. Looks like someone had a drunken party down here.” And while I wish I could blame that all on the kids, they were not the ones who left Chinese take-out all over the place. We had friends over for pizza and pie, and Jaimie complimented me on the clean house. I laughed and told her of the “drunken party” comment and the three hours of cleaning that afternoon!

As mentioned, one kid in particular is struggling with sin issues and a rough past and Lord-knows-what-else, and it’s being put on display in a lot of difficult ways. This leaves me crying out to the Lord for wisdom, finding my delicately balanced schedule completely upended while I try to love on this kid while sending the message that this is not ok. Meanwhile, the school work goes unchecked or undone, we eat take-out, the house takes on a “drunken party” décor, Seth hangs out in his pack-and-play, Emma watches endless t.v., and my time with PJ is stressed or non-existent. Whew. I’m glad it’s the weekend.

And in the midst of this, the Lord pours out kindness and grace through my kiddos. I was the blessed recipient of these this week:

“I love my Mommy. She keeps very calm. She loves to read God’s Psalm. She loves to do puzzles and give Seth nose nuzzles.”

Who would you add (to Mount Rushmore) and why? “My mom because she loves God and is a good example.”

These words? They speak grace straight to my insecurities. I constantly fear that my mistakes turn them away from God, that I’m not patient or calm, that I’m not a good example. Fail, fail, fail. And the response? Grace, grace, grace. Blessed.

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Katie King

Katie King