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Adopted by the King

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Green Light

Katie King Katie King

First, a public service announcement: If you have a child between two and six years old, add this clock to the top of their Christmas list immediately. Or your list. Whatever. You’re welcome.

We’ve used this clock since Emma was two, and it has been a real help in the early morning hours. The clock’s light stays red until the “alarm” time that you program in (I won’t judge if it’s 10 a.m.). At the appointed time, the light turns green, letting the kid know that it is time to get up.

Seth has just become old enough to start following the red light/green light, so we’ve been working with him over the last few weeks to stay quiet in the mornings (or absolute middle of the night) until the light turns green. He’s doing really well…too well, perhaps.

One night last week, I was startled awake by his little, loud voice. “GEEN LIGHT MAMA! GEEN LIGHT MAMA! GEEN LIGHT!”

I felt way too tired for it to be 6:30, let alone I hadn’t heard either of our phone alarms. I rolled over and looked at my nightstand clock.

1:30 a.m.

Oh crap.”


“Seth unplugged his clock yesterday and I forgot to reset the right time. He thinks it’s time to get up,” I moaned to PJ.

My dutiful husband got up and went to break the bad news to Seth.

“Hey, buddy. It’s not green light time. Remember, you broke your clock?”

“Yes. Geen light, Daddy.”

“No. Everyone is sleeping. Mama is sleeping. Brother is sleeping. Sister is sleeping. Emma is sleeping. It’s night-night time.”

“Ok. Geen light, Daddy. My light is geen. Me want yogurt.”

At this point, I’m sure my day is about to start with five hours of Daniel Tiger. Can’t. Even.

Mercifully, Seth went back to sleep quickly after PJ got in his bed and snuggled him. We made it all the way to 6:30, at which point his light was red, not green, and he was really confused.

A word to the wise: add a roll of duct tape to your clock purchase, and tape over those ridiculously accessible little buttons.  Otherwise, morning might come much too early.


Katie King

Katie King