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Hope Heals: A Review

Today I get to introduce you to an amazing new book: Hope Heals, by Jay and Katherine Wolf.

Katie King Katie King

I am so excited today to introduce you to an amazing new book: Hope Heals, by Jay and Katherine Wolf.

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I heard Katherine speak at the If:Gathering this past February and was intrigued by her story of pursuing hope in the midst of great loss and suffering at a young age. I was able to join the launch team for her book, and since then I have only become more inspired and encouraged by this couple and their story.

"After meeting in college, they got married and moved to Los Angeles to pursue law school for Jay and the entertainment industry for Katherine. Their son James was born in 2007 and six months later, Katherine’s life nearly ended with a catastrophic stroke. "

While I expected to enjoy the book, I did not expect for it to be my favorite book I've read in a long time, and I didn't expect it to directly help me through my own difficult situation.

The day after I finished reading Hope Heals, my water broke at 31 weeks, suddenly putting me in the hospital awaiting the delivery of a pre-term baby. For the next 24 hours, I received magnesium as a protective measure for the baby's nervous system. I'm pretty sure magnesium could be used as a torture device--it made me unbelievably nauseous, I felt like I was on fire, and I had severe double vision. I wasn't able to watch tv or focus on conversations, and my thoughts were scattered. Providentially, what was clearest in my mind were quotes from Hope Heals like these, which encouraged me to be calm and kind in the midst of unexpected trials:

"They all knew that this young woman was living an absolute hell, but, inexplicably, she was a picture of grace."

"She was kind and interested...she was hopeful and motivated to give each session of therapy her absolute best."

Throughout the book, Katherine and Jay's rich, beautiful love story is told. "We would submit in that moment to care and to be cared for...out of love for God and gratitude for the relationship He had given us--a relationship the whole of which was growing far greater than the sum of its individual parts."
In the midst of great trials, the love that grew in their marriage is a blessing of encouragement to all who read this book.

Above all, Katherine and Jay point to God and how their faith grows deeper through trials.
"Did we want what He gives or did we want Him? Did we want deliverance from the hurt or did we want the Deliverer of hope? God was inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him. He was inviting us into a relationship of trust, built not on what He would give us but on who He was."

Amen. I cannot recommend this book highly enough to anyone who has suffered or knows someone experiencing suffering. It is beautifully written, and the ending is full of such sweet redemption (you won't want to miss it!).

Hope Heals releases Tuesday, April 26! You can pre-order at Amazon or a number of other book retailers.

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Katie King

Katie King