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Read in July

July was a good month to stay inside and read to escape the heat! What are your favorite summer reads?

Katie King Katie King

July was a good month to stay inside and read to escape the heat! (And get library cards!)


The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly, by Matt McCarthy: I enjoyed this medical memoir and wrote a full review here.

It Starts With Food, by Dallas Hartwig: This book is an introduction to the Whole30 eating plan, which I started yesterday. Here's to a month of incredibly healthy eating! (I already miss ice cream.)

Missional Motherhood, by Gloria Furman: This book was so encouraging. My full review can be found here.

The Nightingale, by Kristen Hannah: This is the best fiction book I've read in awhile! It's set in France, during the Nazi occupation during WWII. I stayed up way too late reading this and hid from my family to finish it one afternoon.

Clutterfree With Kids, by Joshua Becker: I read this very shortly after reading The More of Less. This book has contains much of the same material as The More of Less but is not as well-developed. I'd definitely recommend The More of Less over this one as a guide to minimalism and becoming clutter-free.

First Women, by Kate Andersen Brower: I saw this book in an Instagram photo and immediately requested it from the library. It covers the first ladies from Jackie Kennedy through Michelle Obama in a highly engaging way. It is not light reading by any means, but I was interested the whole way through.

Everything You Ever Wanted, by Jillian Lauren: This memoir about parenting an adopted child with a trauma background was basically like reading my diary, if I kept such a thing. I felt like I was reading our story in the words I struggle to write. I would have ugly cried through this one, but I read much of it while my little three were around and I didn't feel like explaining to them why I was sobbing my face off while staring at a Kindle screen. Jillian absolutely nailed the strange, overwhelming world of parenting trauma kids.

Prayer, by Timothy Keller: I've been reading this one in small sections for over a year now. It is an excellent book on prayer and has definitely encouraged me and strengthened my often weak prayer life.

What are your favorite summer reads so far?

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Katie King

Katie King